Call for Solution Initiatives

SDSN Switzerland is launching a Call for Solution Initiatives. SDSN members from Switzerland and their partners are invited to submit proposals for projects and activities that contribute to accelerating the implementation of the SDGs in Switzerland and beyond called Solution Initiatives. Please find more information in the document in English, French and German.

Libraries are competence centers for knowledge dissemination around topics related to the Agenda 2030 and are thus key institutions for achieving the SDGs. With Biblio 2030, BIS (Bibliothek Information Schweiz) aims to ensure that information on the SDGs and the skills to use this information are available in libraries to everyone. Participating libraries provide the latest literature about the SDGs, organize events on topics related to the Agenda 2030, and forward information and material from Federal, Cantonal and Local authorities.

How can we work together as key actors of the Arc Lémanique to implement Circular Economy in the region? In Switzerland, the economic system has not yet achieved circularity. Moving beyond waste therefore requires a substantial transformation of our consumption habits and production methods. The Circular Resources Lab is a 4-month collective innovation process in the Lausanne area, following the social laboratory methodology. The expected output is a portfolio of 4 to 5 viable solutions that enable circular resources flows.

The thematic issue of GAiA on the SDGs - set to be published in June 2019 - aims at highlighting important insights from research initiatives that foster transformational knowledge - a critically important element if we are to bring about the necessary shifts in economy and society. With this issue, we hope to promote mutual learning and stimulate the discourse in view of renewing science and research for sustainable development. The guest editors of this edition are Ocèane Dayer and Urs Wiesmann, Co- Chairs of SDSN Switzerland.

Universities and the academic sector with their broad remit around the creation and dissemination of knowledge and their unique position in society, play a critical role in the achievement of the SDGs. Education, research, innovation and leadership are essential in helping society to transform into pathways of sustainable development. This is why we encourage universities and knowledge institutions to implement sustainability in their core operations. This guide aims to help universities, higher education institutions, and the academic sector to accelerate their contributions to the SDGs.

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