Online Workshop Session: Sustainable food system

Part of a series of online workshops by SDSN Switzerland and NRP 73 ‘Sustainable economy'

02.07.2020 | 16:00 – 18:00 | online via ZOOM

Results of the workshop

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Graphic Recording by Filippo Buzzini,

Calls to action:

  • To Researchers and Government: Create more transparency on the true cost of food along the food chain to enable human, natural and economic health

  • To the government: Put environmental and health information on food for consumers to make a better choice. Set a standard for voluntary declaration as in the EU.

  • To all stakeholders: Concerted multistakeholder initiative for a strategy, framework and policy formulation for the transitions of a sustainable food system. In this embedded the vision of impact to be achieved and adressing the enablers such as  transparency on footprint (metrics), education, etc

Participants (60)

Towards a more sustainable food system in Switzerland

A sustainable food system includes the dimensions of health, environment and affordability by consumers. Results of the NRP 73 research project Impact of Swiss Food Consumption and Trade of Prof. Dr. Alexander Mathys suggest that strategies recommended by the Swiss Society for Nutrition would be associated with a 36% improvement in environmental performance, 33% less expenditure and a 2.7% improvement in health outcomes. Hence the question is: What are the most relevant influencing factors towards a more sustainable food system in Switzerland?

Objectives of the workshop

  • Presentation of research findings

  • Share insights and leading practices in the private industry

  • Identify levers and relevant actors to promote sustainable food systems in Switzerland

  • Formulate three calls to actions and address them to specific stakeholders


15:45 | Participants join the online workshop

16:00 | Introduction by the facilitator

16:05 | Breaking the ice

16:15 | Input by the session leaders to set the scene

16:30 | Discussion in breakout rooms. Participants are invited to formulate two calls to action based on the research findings.

17:30 | Fishbowl discussion with the session leaders, experts and participants to validate and prioritize the calls to action and discuss how stakeholders can implement them.

18:00 | End of the session

Session leaders & Experts

Session leader: 

  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Mathys, Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health, ETH Zurich  


  • Dr.Lukas Böni, Co-Founder, Planted

  • Dr. Karen Cooper, R&D Programm Manager for Climate Change, Nestlé

  • Dr. Beatrice Conde-Petit, Food Science Officer, Bühler

  • Fabian Ottiger, foraus, Co-Leiter Entwicklungspolitik and Project Officer, World Ressources Forum

  • Dr. Adrian Müller, FiBL, Gruppe Agrar- und Ernährungspolitik

  • Prof. Dr. Fred Paccaud, President of the Steering Committee of NRP 69 ‘Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production’

Co- Organizer