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Media Release Establishment of the Parliamentary Group on Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs) 


In 2015, Switzerland committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Soon it will be half-time and our country is falling further and further behind other countries in achieving the goals. With the support of SDSN Switzerland, parliamentarians are now forming for the first time with the inclusion of all parliamentary groups on the UN Agenda 2030. DEFR

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IFF conference media release


At the invitation of SDSN Switzerland and several research institutes, a conference on illicit financial flows in commodity trading was held at the University of Bern. The results of two research projects were discussed with representatives from science, policy, industry and civil society, and courses of action were identified.
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SDSN Media Release Federal Council Strategy 2030


The Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 and an action plan were adopted by the Federal Council. The Federal Council is relying on voluntary action and selective measures. Is that enough? Océane Dayer, Co-President SDSN Switzerland and Carole Küng, Co-Director of SDSN Switzerland comment on the new strategy in a media statement. DEFR

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Sustainable Development Report 2021


The Sustainable Development Report 2021 (SDR) was released.
For the first time since SDSN began producing the SDGIndex, the global average SDG Index score has decreased from the previous year.


SDSN at SCNAT Event #CountdownAgenda2030


SDSN Switzerland Co-Director Carole Küng discussed solutions for «energy - biodiversity – nutrition» on the panel with Robert Finger (ETH Zürich), Jacques Ducrest (EDA), Markus Fischer (University of Bern) and Lena Bühler (Co-author climate action plan).

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World Happiness Report 2021


The ninth world happinness report is out. Find out more about the effects of Covid-19 and the general well-being of people all over the world as well as how governments dealt with the pandemic. Moreover, the report tries to explain, why some countries have struggled less than other countries. How Switzerland ranks is shown too.


Media release: Seize the moment – Switzerland’s opportunity for a sustainable future


Switzerland needs an effective Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 of the Federal Council.

Media release DE & Media release FR



Achieving the SDGs with Biodiversity


The factsheet underlines the importance for implementing all SDGs and provides decision makers with options and entry points for transformative change


Measuring progress towards the SDGs


We organise this Road to Bern event in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

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SDSN Switzerland & NRP 73 Online Series


Join our workshops to debate transitioning towards a sustainable economy.


SDSN Switzerland Assembly 2020


Members and partners met in Bern to explore, in the form of a market place, how to cooperate for achving the SDGs and to elect a new co-chair.


Measuring progress towards the SDGs


Unabhängige Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler zeigen im Global Sustainable Development Report GSDR den Fortschritt und den Handlungs- bedarf zu den SDGs.


Neue Entwicklungs- und Zusammenarbeit und die SDGs


Die SDGs sind eine Chance, die internationale Zusammenarbeit auf die globalen Herausforderungen auszurichten. In unserer Stellungnahme zur internationalen Zusammenarbeit 2021-2024 zeigen wir Lösungen.


La coopération internationale et les ODD


Les ODD sont une opportunité pour des nouvelles approches pour la coopération internationale. De nouvelles solutions systémiques sont nécessaires. Nous offrons des solutions dans notre prise de position sur la coopération internationale 2021-2024.

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Welcoming our new Members


We are happy to announce that two new members joined SDSN Switzerland. We are looking forward to collaborate and to co-create the transformation towards sustainable development in Switzerland and beyond.


GAiA magazine 2/2019 on Research for SDGs


SDSN Switzerland is pleased to co-present the current GAiA issue focusing on research for the Sustainable Development Goals.


«Es braucht eine mutige Politik, die jetzt rasch Veränderungen anstösst»


Über hundert «Pioniere des Wandels» rufen Entscheidungsträger in Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft anlässlich der SDSN Switzerland Konferenz 2019 zum Handeln auf.


«Il faut une politique courageuse qui catalyse maintenant des changements»


Lors de la conférence SDSN Suisse 2019 plus d’une centaine de „pionniers de la transformation“ appellent les décideurs des milieux politiques, économiques et sociaux à agir.


SDSN Switzerland Konferenz 2019


Am 21. Mai 2019 erwarten wir in Bern und Umgebung über Hundert Pioniere des Wandels zum Thema "Transformation zur Nachhaltigkeit: Eine Gesellschaftsaufgabe". Es erwarten uns unkonventionelle Learning Journeys und spannende Reden.


Conférence SDSN Suisse 2019


Le 21 mai 2019, plus d'une centaine de pionniers du changement se réuniront à Berne et environs sur le thème "Transition vers la durabilité: la tâche de notre société".


SDSN Switzerland Assembly 2019


Members and partners met in Bern end of January to discuss how we as a community of researchers and practitioners can collectively work together on meaningful solutions to achieve the SDGs in Switzerland by 2030.


UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science


We talked to Dr. Magdalena Schindler (Director HAFL - Bern University of Applied Sciences) about her work and career as a prominent scientist and what advice she would give to women and girls in science.


Chance unique de forger un avenir durable pour la Suisse


Communiqué aux médias

Bundesratsfoto 2018 - Animierte Version.

Federal Council (still) failing to recognise the potential of the Agenda 2030


SDSN Switzerland is disappointed about the Swiss Federal Council`s report on the implementation by Switzerland of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

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SDSN Switzerland’s ambitious vision for the 2030 Agenda


A new discussion paper titled “Switzerland and the 2030 Agenda” provides decision-makers in politics, business, and society with concrete recommendations and directions for action on behalf of sustainability-oriented transformation policies in Switzerland.


We must exploit the huge potential for sustainability solutions now


How can we in Switzerland set off to a sustainable future? Some 250 decision makers met at the SDSN Switzerland Launch Conference to pave the way for co-creating practical solutions.


SDSN Networks in Action 2018


The 2018 Networks in Action report features the wide array of innovative solutions and initiatives. It includes a new introductory piece by Prof. Mariana Mazzucato on mission-oriented research for the SDGs 


Einmalige Chance zur Gestaltung einer nachhaltigen Zukunft für die Schweiz



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SDSN Switzerland's official launch conference coming up


Some 250 decision makers will meet in Bern on 15 February in order to drive forward implementation by Switzerland of the global Sustainable Development Goals. They convene under the theme "Where Society, Science and Politics create solutions".


Welcoming our news members


We are happy to announce that eight new members joined SDSN Switzerland this week. We are looking forward to collaborate and to co-create the transformation towards sustainable development in Switzerland and beyond.


SDG Index & Dashboards Report 2018


Three years after adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), new and improved data provide insights into countries’ challenges. Many countries are making rapid progress, but overall the world risks falling short of achieving the goals by 2030. 


Switzerland affords sustainability at the expense of others


Two years after the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the recently released SDG Index & Dashboards Report 2017 identifies continous need for action. 


SDG Index and Dashboards Report


Bertelsmann Stiftung ans SDSN releases the 2017 edition of the SDG Index and Dashboards Report. The annual study provides a report card for country performance on the historic Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Switzerland affords sustainability at the expense of others


The Inaugural Assembly marks another milestone for the newly set-up SDSN Switzerland. Member and partner organizations came together in Bern on 2 November 2017 to appoint the Advisory Board and adopt the annual program of work.


Kick-off meeting for a sustainable Switzerland


The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN appointed the Centre for Development and Enviroment (CDE) at the University of Bern, and Biovision Foundaton as the co-host for a SDSN branch in Switzerland.