SDSN Switzerland Assembly appoints its advisory board

The Inaugural Assembly marks another milestone for the newly set-up SDSN Switzerland. Member and partner organizations came together in Bern on 2 November 2017 to appoint the Advisory Board and adopt the annual program of work for 2018

Representatives of 20 member and partner organizations unanimously adopted the SDSN Advisory Board, which serves to increase the visibility and reach of the network, provide intellectual leadership, stimulate dialogue, and support the mobilization of resources. The Advisory Board is chaired by Prof. Dr. Urs Wiesmann, former President of the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University Bern, and Océane Dayer, Vice-President of Swiss Youth for Climate and former Youth Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations. The Advisory Board includes the following members, stemming from academia, private sector and civil society, and representing both the younger and older generations:

  • Prof. Marc Chesney

  • Bertrand Gacon

  • Mark Halle

  • Prof. Bruno Oberle

  • Patrizia Pesenti

  • Prof. Géraldine Pflieger

  • Dr. Kathy Riklin

  • Anna Stünzi

Ambitious work ahead of us

The adopted annual program of work for 2018 provides the basis for the SDSN Switzerland activities in 2018. After the launch conference of SDSN Switzerland on 15 February 2018, SDSN Switzerland will amongst other things work on developing a narrative for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in and for Switzerland, organize a social lab in the area of sustainable consumption and production, and support the Swiss government in setting priorities within the complex system of 17 SDGs. Member and partner organizations are encouraged to initiate events, activities and projects, in order to receive support by SDSN Switzerland, as appropriate and possible.

The attendees also received updates from Lara Dahan, our focal point at the international secretariat of SDSN, as well as Michael Bergöö, acting managing director of SDSN Switzerland.

SDSN Switzerland Advisory Board

Annual Program of Work 2018

Organizational Principles




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