SDSN Switzerland delivers value to its members and partners around the following 3 objectives:

Shape multi-stakeholder dialogue: Accelerate continuous exchange of ideas and experiences, and create thinking spaces for the scientific community, government, business and civil society to foster systemic solutions, build commitment and mobilize action.

Foster transformative solutions: Harness scientific and transdisciplinary knowledge to generate new evidence-based solutions, integrated policies and systemic change, including through joint learning journeys.

Advise decision-makers: Offer evidence-based advice to decision-makers in politics, business and society to fill policy gaps and motivate normative change through innovative processes around the science-policy interface.

About SDSN

SDSN Switzerland  brings together universities, research centers, civil society organizations and innovative business to jointly develop transformative solutions for a sustainable development in Switzerland and beyond. © 2020 SDSN Switzerland

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SDSN Switzerland
Heinrichstrasse 147, 8005 Zürich

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