Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Switzerland mobilizes universities, research centers, civil society organizations, business and other knowledge centers to create and implement transformative solutions to achieve the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals in Switzerland and beyond.

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Switzerland





Call for Solution Initiatives 2021

It's time for the "Call for Solution Initiatives 2021. Once again, SDSN Switzerland members and their partners are invited to submit proposals for projects and activities that contribute to the acceleration and implementation of the SDGs in Switzerland and beyond.
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Media release: Seize the moment – Switzerland’s opportunity for a sustainable future

Switzerland needs an effective Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 of the Federal Council.

Media release DE & Media release FR



World Happiness Report 2021

The ninth world happinness report is out. Find out more about the effects of Covid-19 and the general well-being of people all over the world as well as how governments dealt with the pandemic. Moreover, the report tries to explain, why some countries have struggled less than other countries. How Switzerland ranks is shown too.


Newsletter February 2021

Global urgency requires Swiss Leadership! Read why the Swiss 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy is not ambitious and concrete enough to produce the change needed.
Learn how the SDGs can be achieved with biodiversity in our new fact sheet and don't miss the latest news from our network. Enjoy reading the curent issue!

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